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Periodontal/Gum Treatment

At Manor Lodge, we are guided by the British Society of Periodontology (BSP). We follow the 'BSP UK Clinical Guidelines for the Treatment of Periodontal Disease to manage our patients' gum health.

The Manor Lodge team attends courses by the Professors and Specialists who research and set these guidelines.

Periodontitis (gum disease) is the 6th most prevalent disease throughout the world and is significantly linked to general well-being and longevity. It is often 'silent' and can be present without diagnosis or treatment.

Around half the population have gum disease of varying degrees and 10% experience the most severe form, which is most likely to cause tooth loss.

Prevention of Periodontal disease is dependent on the patients' home care with brushing and interdentally cleaning. This is continuing to be highlighted when we attend courses.

The BSP has devised Classifications for our diagnosis and Step 1-4 management algorithm for the team to work with.

Periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease and research suggests there's a link with systemic diseases, therefore, when we manage our patients we do not solely focus on the mouth but on the whole person.

Effective and frequent plaque biofilm removal and maintaining a healthy diet, including anti-inflammatory foods can prevent the disease from progressing

The BSP have many links on their website which are very user-friendly and can give you more information about the disease and associated health conditions. Visit www.BSperio.org.uk A Periodontal appointment at Manor Lodge includes -

  • Medical and Gum disease history and associated risks factors
  • Basic Periodontal Examination (BPE)
  • Plaque & Bleeding Scores
  • Pocket Measuring, Recording of Recession and Furcations (if required)
  • Oral and Extra Oral Cancer Screening
  • Intra Oral Images (if required)
  • Radiographs (x-rays if required)
  • Smoking cessation support
  • Recording of alcohol consumption
  • Dry mouth screening
  • Diet advice
  • Individual tailored Oral hygiene home care
  • Recommendation of products
  • Supportive periodontal care


British Dental Association Care Quality Comission Association of Dental Implantology